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Simon Wistow

In an interesting contrast is Rugby which has an odd code of honour like Golf but in which discreet cheating in the ruck is part of the game and tolerated.

People are only shocked by things like Bloodgate because that's seen as taking things as too far.

As another example: F1 has rampant cheating - some of it very inventive. Every team had secret launch controls even when they were banned. But again - after the McLaren spying incident and the Briatori/Renault/Piquet incident it seems the rule is "It's fine if you don't get caught".

Rahul Ganjoo

I think introducing video will be a huge step coz it will fundamentally change the sport. It will leave the door open for a lot other changes. So I can understand FIFA being a little "scared" of bringing that change. They did pilot the goal line technology in lower leagues, didn't they? And recently I think they had an additional linesman behind the goal (in U21 WC?) for games to catch fouls/etc in the box. I like the human element in sport so I am ok if the ref makes an honest mistake and doesn't bottle it. Hate to see big games being decided by mistakes but the alternative is a video replay break that spoils the flow of the game. Not to mention the ensuing debate about who will call for videos and when and how many is each team allowed and can the manager call it from the bench and so on and so on. It'll become like american football - the stuff they show between commercials ;-).

On this incident again, yes although I don't blame Henry and am not surprised a footballer claimed an illegal goal, he could've muted the celebrations a bit. And yes this happens every week in football. Robert Pires has the most blatant dive to secure Arsenal's "invincible" season(against Portsmouth). You could argue Gerard dived in that comeback against Milan in the biggest game of that year. Did the ball cross the line in the CL semi between Liverpool and Chelsea? Did Fletcher deserve that red to miss the CL final? Should Korea have beaten Spain in that WC QF when their goal(s) were disallowed?

Fergus Sullivan

"What should he [Henry] have done? Go to the referee and say: please cancel the goal? Have you ever seen this in soccer?"

I've seen something very much like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrW3hA0S_XE

Alex Deve

that's actually different (still cool though) - the other team had put the ball out of bounds to allow one of their players to recover from an injury. the goal wasn't intentional, and they let the other team score because there was no other solution. i think the same thing would happen during many games. hidden handballs are quite regular as you can see from my previous post: messi, arguelo, maradona etc... 

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